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SPORTS NUTRITION is the scientific study and practice of nutrition and its relation to athletic performance.  It seems more complicated than other areas of nutrition, mainly due to the commercialism of nutritional supplements for the sports industry market.  Nutritional Therapy cuts through the hype and uses the most valuable research available to fuel your body for all sports and activity while offering protection and repair to a body under increased stress!

Our Personal FITFOOD Sports Package includes:

  • 90mins consultation to assess dietary requirements for increased activity & improved performance
  • Body Scan & Goal setting for ideal Fat mass, Muscle mass and Hydration levels
  • Specific Nutrition Plans  tailored your individual needs, energy demands and Goals
  • Menu Planning, Food Lists and Recipes Included
  • Natural Ingredients to supply carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats
  • Anti-inflammatory and Anti-oxidant rich food for recovery and repair from physical activity
  • Pre and Post Workout Foods, Smoothies and Snacks
  • Vegetarian/Vegan, Gluten Free and Speciality Diet Options Available
  • Real Food your body recognizes and utilizes for energy, stamina and peak performance

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Cost: €120.00 (initial consultation and personal guidebook)  Follow-up visits €20


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